Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Great news is that A TRUE FRIEND TO CHINA is now available in Bangkok.

After his heroic work in China with the Friends Ambulance Unit in the late forties, Jack Jones settled in Bangkok, working for Unicef, and as 'Jack Reynolds' published his acclaimed novel, A WOMAN OF BANKOK, so it's good that my book is now on sale there.

For fans of 'WOB', his China story is especially fascinating because it identifies a number of Jack's own personal experiences that find expression in his novel, Jack being a writer whose fiction was often auto-biographical. On top of this, his experiences in China during a tumultuous era make for a great adventure story and evoke China in turmoil as no formal history ever can.

To buy a copy contact visnu@nibondhbooks who will mail it within Thailand or have it ready for collection in Bangkok.

In North America it's available from, in Hong Kong from the St John's Cathedral Book Store and in London from Friends House, Euston Road, Guanghua Books, off China town at 112 Shaftesbury Avenue and Probsthain Books by the British Museum.

Or direct from me for mailing worldwide at

As I've recently revised and reprinted the book I'm keen to get some more copies out there so you can read a great story of how heroic nobodies can make a difference in extraordinary times.

That's Jack in beard and leather jacket.

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