Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Illustration Too Late

My new book, "Jack Jones - A TRUE FRIEND TO CHINA" is available in north America from www.quakerbooks.org, in Hong Kong from the St John's Cathedral Bookstore, in China from Earnshaw Books, in London from the Friends Centre in the Euston Road and otherwise can be mailed to you worldwide on enquiry to me at arhicks56@hotmail.com.

Researching the book has been an unending saga and even after its recent publication more finds come pouring in. Below is a new discovery, a drawing by Jack Jones that was intended to illustrate the long article in Chapter 5 which describes a performance put on by Jack's driver and amateur impresario, Chang Min Sang. One of the acts in the show was 'Mrs CMS' herself, who Jack admired most openly, disporting herself on a unicycle.

Now I'll just have to reprint the book to include these delightful 'new' pictures!

More of them appear in the blog post below.

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