Tuesday, April 28, 2015


My good news is that A TRUE FRIEND TO CHINA is now available in the USA at Quaker Books at Pendle Hill, Philadelphia and for online sales at www.quakerbooks.org.

It's also available in China from sales@earnshawbooks.com and in Hong Kong at St John's Cathedral Bookstore.

It's taking a little longer for the books to arrive in UK by air freight from Shanghai but contact me at arhicks56@hotmail.com and I will be able to send you copies. About 30 copies have been sold already so it's looking promising. It's cheap at the price if you account for 400 large format pages and 500 photos of China in the forties, but it is a big book!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and every sale counts.

It really is a great story of an international project taking medical relief to China in the dark days of the nineteen forties, going as unpaid volunteers putting their pacifist principles into practice and not seeking political or commercial advantage.

They worked as truck drivers and medics on an equal basis with their Chinese co-workers in a way that was pretty unique at the time. Jack's the one with the beard and he wrote all the FAU newsletter articles that are the basis for the book. He was a great writer and very funny.


  1. Amazing result of so much hard work..and rather glorious looking travel if not travail.

  2. Good luck, Andrew. Glad to hear about the number of pictures. The time and effort involved must have been incredible. Best wishes for sales in USA and world-wide. Kevin